EMC serves locally & globally through audio/video production, streaming, and reporting over broadcast and social media channels.

A wide variety of community groups are served in various ways as we:

-produce video live streams, audio podcasts and audiobooks for Christian workers and groups

-communicate weather and health and welfare messages during emergencies and during calm for the following service agencies:

*SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network),

*WX4LWX (SKYWARN-National Weather Service, DC/Baltimore)

*WX4AKQ (SKYWARN-National Weather Service, Wakefield VA)

*WX4NHC & VoIP Weather Net (National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL)

*WX4EMC (SKYWARN-Localities in Virginia)

*EMC (EdMedia) YouTube Channels and Twitter feeds

*ECARS (East Coast Amateur Radio Service @ 7.255 mHz)

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